Lesson regulations and payment terms


  • Taking golf lessons is at your own risk. VIP Golf Academy and Golf Park de Star are not liable for personal accidents, injuries, and any resulting damage caused during the player's golf lesson at the golf school, nor for theft or damage to student property.
  • A lesson hour is 55 minutes of lessons.
  • Common golf or sports clothing is required, loan materials are always available.
  • All GVB courses and group lessons include the use of the facilities and the
    use of range balls.
  • During track lessons, participants play with their own balls.
  • Our courses are given in groups (between 4 and 8 people). Exceptions can be made to this.
  • If a golf lesson cannot take place due to illness or inability of the trainer, a replacement trainer will be provided or appropriate arrangements will be made. For example, the lesson can be moved to a catch-up week.


  • The trainers will assess, if necessary in consultation with a member of greenkeeping, whether or not the golf lesson can take place in bad weather. If in doubt, check the website or call Golfpark de Star for information.
  • In the event of rain, the first rain lesson is at the student's risk, the second rain lesson is made up for, the third rain lesson is again at the student's risk and the fourth rain lesson is made up for.
  • If the course snows or freezes, the golf lesson will be canceled and will be overtaken. You will be notified of this by the trainer.
  • Canceled lessons will be made up in consultation with the students.
  • Lessons that have to be stopped once they have started will not be caught up.
  • Lessons that are canceled due to the teacher's absence are always made up.
  • The courses start when there are enough participants for a group (as a rule, the course continues if there are 4 or more participants.


  • If necessary, the Golfcademy can make changes to the times and days on which the lessons take place.
  • All students will be notified before the start of classes in which group they have been placed.
  • Failure to show up for a lesson without telephone or written notice is at your own expense.
  • Catching up on missed lessons is a service of the Golf Academy, it is not a right of the students.
  • Lessons missed due to demonstrable force majeure can always be made up in consultation.
  • Refunds of tuition due to an injury are not possible.
  • In principle, no lessons are given on official holidays (King's Day, 1st and 2nd
    Easter Day, Ascension Day, Whit Monday, Christmas Day and Boxing Day, New Year's Day) and in the
    spring holidays, May holidays (1 week), summer holidays, autumn holidays and Christmas holidays. This can be deviated from in consultation with the trainer.
  • If there is insufficient participation within the desired group size, a reorganization will take place, so that training will always take place with a full group. If this is not possible, the total costs will be divided by the number of students.


  • By registering for a course, the student indicates that he or she will accept the associated costs. If the student has any objections to this, this must be made known prior to the first golf lesson.
  • You will receive an invoice and/or receipt at the start of the course.
  • In the event of premature termination, the tuition fee remains due.
  • You can withdraw without obligation up to 1 week before the start of the course. This is possible
    in writing or by email stating the reason.
  • In the event of injuries, illness, relocation, etc., tuition fees will not be refunded, lessons can be caught up in consultation.
  • The tuition fee must be paid within 14 days of receipt of the invoice. If a reminder needs to be made, an administration fee (10 euros) will be charged.

Taking note
Anyone who registers for a VIP Golf Academy course or lesson agrees to the above lesson regulations.