Get your GVB and hit the track!

2-day CFP course

Would you like to get your GVB (Handicap 54)? Our GVB course consists of 2 full days of lessons with our golf pros. You will learn all the basics you need. And of course we also dive into the rules and etiquette! During the 2 days you will take a theory exam. And the nice extra? You get a discount on your GVB Follow-up course immediately after the course.

After the course it is time for your first 9 holes. Turn in your scorecard and voilà, you get your first handicap! This is determined based on how you did during those 9 holes. Sounds good, right?

What's included in this course

  • Two full days of golf lessons from certified golf professionals
  • Practice theory online
  • Theory course
  • Handicap 54 / GVB theory exam
  • 100% warranty
  • Excluding lunch costs
  • Including job permission
The costs are now only €179,-


Program day 1
10.00Reception, registration and explanation of the course and GVB process
11.00Practice: putting, chipping, full swing
13.00Lunch break (not included)
14.00Practice: putting, chipping, full swing
16.30End of day 1
Program day 2
10.00Theory explanation
11.30Theory exam
12.30Lunch break (not included)
13.30Putting, chipping, full swing
16.30End of course

If necessary, the organization may decide to adjust the above-mentioned program.


You can use our clubs during the course, but we know from experience that having your own set can really improve your game. Many students who buy a set during the course actually continue to play golf!

By the way, we have a special promotion during the GVB course. We offer various golf sets and golf trolleys from brands such as Wilson and Skymax. The sets start at €499 and the trolleys at €299. Ask our golf pros about the special student prices. We have sets for both women and men, and yes, extended sets are also available. A great opportunity to start your golf equipment!

Registration with VIP-Golf

In order to take your GVB exam, you must be a member of a golf club that is affiliated with the Dutch golf federation. At VIP-Golf you can take an exam immediately during your course. We will immediately arrange your job permission and disability registration. You get it every year until you cancel. This costs €79 per year, these costs are not included in the course.